Austin doesn’t want Tesla.

Austin didn’t want Amazon, and Tesla is no different.

It didn't want Apple, either.

This is what happens when Austin tries to regulate.

Look, I get it, Austin has a lot of awards in its trophy case:

🏆 One of the Most Congested Cities in the World

Tesla workers would ALWAYS be late

Meanwhile, Tulsa is ranked one of the best cities for traffic with a maximum commute time of 18-20 minutes.

🏆 Top Economically Segregated City

Lots of pushback against tech billionaires

Meanwhile, Tulsa launched an overarching Resilient Tulsa strategic approach to racial, economic, and health inequities.

🏆 Least Enthusiastic About Innovative Companies

Austin NIMBYs hated Amazon

Meanwhile, a diverse group of Tulsans rallied quickly to help the city put together a dynamic proposal for Amazon HQ2.

🏆 Most Controversial Development Regulations

Good luck sorting this out

Meanwhile, Tulsa has made it a priority to make building and infrastructure development as easy and fast as possible.

Elon: you wanted to leave California, right? Austin is a mini version of California, just way hotter.

Don't count on getting invited to any neighborhood BBQs. 😬

“This dump is overcrowded to the point of absurdity. Apparently no civil engineer was consulted when "leaders" decided to grow the city at all costs and not consider infrastructure whatsoever." 
Clark, Austin, TX 3/1/2020

“The bland corporate hellscape that is swallowing downtown, but they paint murals on their office walls and have a juice bar to keep a facade of cool that everyone buys into.”
Vidrix, r/austin 8/11/2018

“This City is For Losers Bottom Line: People are indirect, not friendly, immoral, judgemental and stupidly liberal (all at the same time). I'll even take L.A. again over Austin and pay rent until I'm 40 over this place. The mental backlog of living here is just taxing and stressful - the people here are just not very nice AT ALL. Even the students near the UT campus where I live seem to be selfish pricks.”
N597, 2/18/2020

“Austin Does SUCK! On Man! Where do I start??!!! I have been here going on 8 years and I have SEEN so many changes. Very pretentious!!! Like a little LA (it has been dubbed.) I am middle aged and this is not for people in my age group. Plus, almost ALL of the Iconic Austin Haunts (that made Austin...Austin) are going away.”
Kimberly, 10/27/2019

“Property taxes. Forget about owning, even if you bought years ago as other costs are climbing to the point where the divide between wealthy and middle class is bigger than ever. The cost is not worth it for what you get.”
smellthebreeze, r/austin 8/10/2018